"Communication is context and context is communication."

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Training Advocates, HR professionals and Administrators to mediate and navigate the complexities of human interaction and behavior using the Communication Staircase Model.



The Communication Staircase Model


Produced by Soheil Shaghaghi

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HCI offers facilitation and training support for the 21st Century Local and Global Community.

Latest Offerings include:

Human Relations, Diversity and Inclusion: HCI is a leader in Inclusion and Diversity training and facilitation using the tools of Intrapersonal and Intercultural Communication to connect individuals and groups seeking to build and maintain productive communication climates.

Your Emotional IQ: Emotional Contagion or Emotional Transference? Learn how to recognize the role Emotional Contagion plays in all Human Communication exchange, and the need to mitigate the power of Emotional Transference™! This tool is vital to understanding and creating a positive/productive Communication Climate at home, work and play!

Life Coaching Consultations - Behavioral Communication Specialist PS Perkins offers Life Coaching Skills that bring your Communication Behaviors to the forefront of your abilities to recognize, monitor, and adjust patterns of communication that distress and potentially destroy personal, social, and professional success! A MUST course for ANY individual serious about reaching their personal potential! - IMPACTS all areas of the Communication Staircase Model.

Communication Etiquette for Professional Environments provides on-site training for potential and new hires necessitating Verbal and Nonverbal communication skills appropriate to workplace environments. –Impacts ALL Communication Arenas.

Communication and Civic Engagement training for community leaders, advocates, law enforcement, and other members engaged in community solutions and relations – Interpersonal, Small Group Communication, Intercultural.

Customer Service Communication designed to provide training for the growing industry of Hospitality and its need for service providers with effective face-to-face “people skills” –Interpersonal Communication.

Domestic Acculturation Classes provided for migrants, immigrants, and Foreign Service representatives seeking to acculturate into U.S. American citizenry – Intercultural Communication.

Health Care Communication workshops for Health Care service providers caring for and interacting with diverse communities – Intercultural Communication.

Leadership IS Communication Series provides a comprehensive approach to bringing communication to the forefront of leadership skills and the need to understand and navigate the complexities of the organizational communication climate – Communication Staircase Model.

Listening for Global Messages is a workshop designed to help organizational members listen to and recognize diverse voices and concerns within the organization to support the organizational mission and create a productive communication climate – Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural.

Re-Entry Classes provided for individuals re-entering their local communities from prolonged incarceration or chronic homelessness – Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Small Group Communication.

Social Communication Etiquette for Youth is a workshop designed to teach youth verbal and nonverbal behavior patterns appropriate to academic, social, and professional environments – Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Small Group Communication, and Public Presentation.

THE LIST CONTINUES…Click on the individual stairs of the Communication Staircase Model™ for a module that speaks to your Human Communication needs!

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The Art and Science of Communication: Tools for Effective and Transformative Communication in the Workplace


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The Art & Science of Communication teaches readers how to increase their communication effectiveness.  Perkins uses applicable techniques, analogies and models that creatively and clearly explain the formulas of successful communication. The key is to skillfully control the messages you send and take the guesswork out of the ones you receive.  Go to shop


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